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As founder of The Darrell Ragland Foundation, I welcome you to my website. I am Darrell Ragland a 13 year survivor of Islet Cell/neuroendrocrine tumors (NETS), a rare pancreatic cancer. According to the Pancreatic Cancer Network, annually five out of 100,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with neuroendrocrine tumors. Of those patients diagnosed, 75% already have liver metastasis and less than 20% have an overall chance of survival. The National Cancer Institute states that pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths and is projected to be the second leading cause by 2020.

I want to encourage you to join the Team Raggs Campaign to “turn up the defensive pressure” to not only fight against cancer, but defeat cancer, particularly pancreatic cancer. The survival rate for NETS pancreatic cancer outside of the liver is 24 months and metastasis to liver five years. I have beat the odds!   My personal “buzzer beaters”:

  • 2002 in hospital 55 days
  • 2007 metastasis to liver
  • 2013 metastasis to bones
  • Survived over a decade with NETS

Become a player on our team as we strive to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer symptoms, encourage research and clinical trials, provide key facts for early detection and teach the importance of health and wellness. Together we win!

Levels of Giving

-Defense                $1000

-Offense                 $500

-Guard                     $250

-Crossover            $100

-Assist                      $50

-Block                      $____________________


Darrell A. Ragland

~I am not dying from cancer: I am living with cancer.